Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Another Year Notched Up

Ailz bought fleece lined trousers for my mother but they were too long in the leg and rather than return them to the seller (which would involve taking them to a collection point in Wadhurst or Marden) I claimed them. Normally I wear jeans but I thought if I didn't choose to wear the fleeces on a frosty day like today I never would- so I did.

At my age you get up several times in the night as a matter of course so it was no hardship- or nothing out of the ordinary- to be up at 4.30 to take a look at the super blood wolf moon. The sky was clear over Kent but a little hazy- and the moon was high in the sky and small and brown and blotchy with silvering to the side. It looked unwell.

My mother didn't want to get up this morning. "Oh, go away!" she said. I told her to stop behaving like a 5 year old and I hadn't wanted to get up either but I'd made myself. Then, once she was on her feet, I lightened the mood by telling her it was my birthday and how old I was. "You're never 68," she said.

"Oh yes, I am!"
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