Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

A Mass Decluttering

We took a carload of bags to the charity shop in Pembury and added them to a long trail of bags and boxes that stretched from the stockroom at the back out into the store and halfway to the street door. The manager in the stockroom was making a call to a colleague (presumably in another shop) asking them to please come and scoop up some of the donations and take them away because they had been overwhelmed.

Why this orgy of giving? Perhaps people are getting rid of unwanted Christmas presents, suggested Ailz, or of things that had been replaced by Christmas presents. Well, possibly- though none of our donations fell into either of those categories. Or- and this has only just occurred to me- perhaps they've been energised by Marie Kondo, the suddenly famous guru of tidying up, whose Netflix series began airing on New Year's Day.
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