Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Online Images

A cute little rodent has set up home with its cute little partner under one of the bird feeders- where, of course, it rains manna from heaven. Clever little rodent! I can't quite decide if it's a rat or a mouse- and so I've been looking at pictures online- but that hasn't helped because I'm sure some of the pictures labelled "mouse" are of rats- and vice versa. Anyway I've made the executive decision that it's a mouse because people like mice and have an unreasoning ancestral prejudice against rats- and I want them to view it- as I do- in the best possible light.

Talking about online images, I've also been looking at photos of the French town of Niort- which is in the news because professionally unpleasant French novelist Michel Houellebecq has called it "ugly". Judging by the evidence I've seen, it's not ugly at all. It has a river, ancient bridges, spires- and now I want to visit. The Angevin monarch Henry II- who was their king and ours- built a stonking great castle there- and while not exactly pretty- its remains- two huge towers linked by a renaissance living space- are mightily impressive.
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