Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

So That Was Christmas

I went out into the garden to retrieve the footballs and cricket bat that were in use yesterday and saw that a couple of my parents' exotic shrubs are already in bud.

It wasn't sunny yesterday but it didn't rain and it was warm enough for those of us who didn't want to collapse in front of the telly to go out rush around. My great niece- aged three- went up the drive and down the garden path and round the house and up the drive and down the garden path and round the house and up the drive- and so on. Also There were horses to be fed with sprouts and by the time the time all those necessary tasks had been completed we'd missed the Queen's Speech- which I'd always meant to do (without being too strident about it).

The Queen's Speech is one of the few things that'll hoik my mother out of her dreamworld. she doesn't know who the Prime Minister is, or what Brexit means but the Queens speech is the Queen's speech...

My mother is six years older than the Queen.

By the time those of us who had been dashing around made it into the living room the TV was showing the Jungle Book- not the "classic" cartoon but the live action plus copious CGI version that Ailz and I actually went to see in the cinema and had largely forgotten about. It's dreadful.

When all the fun was over I did a Christmas crossword- which was easier than usual because all the answers were words like mince pie and Silent Night and plum pudding, watched the final two episodes of Killing Eve and read the first chapter of The Haunted Man and the Ghost's Bargain.
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