Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Three Books On The Go

Do You See What I See?, Russell Targ: The autobiography of a guy who is interesting in his own right (as scientist, psychic researcher and groovy grand-dad) and also knew a lot of the more interesting people of his era- from Ayn Rand to Bobby Fischer. Here he is on his acquaintance with Werner von Braun: "I supressed my knowledge that the great German rocket scientist's biography was called I Aim At The Stars, and contemporary stand-up comedian Mort Sahl said on one of his records that it should have been called, I Aim at the Stars but I Usually Hit London."

Le Grand Testament, Francois Villon: I love Villon but the actual physical business of reading him is a bit like doing homework because I have to keep dodging between his original text and an English crib. Villon hangs out in his attic room, chunnering to himself- and occasionally breaks into song. This is what the 15th century felt like if you were in it. Also it contains the loveliest lyric in French World literature.

The Chimes, Charles Dickens:  Trotty Veck, bird-like, 60 year old messenger boy, has encounters on New Years Eve with some ghastly rich people, some noble and harassed poor people and finally with the terrifying Spirits of the Bells. Dickens attempts to top the success of A Christmas Carol by turning the volume up to 11. 
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