Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

This, That And The Other

 The last time we saw the sun was Sunday morning. We were driving up the A21 when a gap appeared in the overcast and the Downs ahead of us were bathed in a dusty golden light which was gone in a matter of minutes.

It's not particularly cold this morning, just grey and damp. The oak trees to the east of the house are about three quarters of the way through dropping their leaves all over the lawn. 

I'm reading Neale Donald Walsch's Conversations With God. I caught sight of the first volume on a shelf in a charity shop last week and it was going "Buy me, buy me, buy me" And I was saying "But you've got such a silly title." But I learned a long time ago that books don't fall in one's way by accident, so I gave in- and it was entirely the right thing to do. God has a lot of wise and sensible and sometimes startling things to say.

I got an unattempted jig-saw out of the cupboard. Ailz said, "So does this mean I'm going to become a jig-saw widow?" And I said, "No, because I did my neck in last year leaning over the puzzle board and this year I'm only going to work at it in short bursts."

Bo and Sit must nearly have finished sorting out the house. They've repaired the beam in the garage that was rotting away at one end and painted every surface we asked them to paint and taken down the glass screen that shielded the patio which I've never liked. Today, I think, they're replacing the garage door- among other things...Oh, and they've just found a mystery leak that's causing water to seep through the brickwork of the porch and wash away their newly applied paint and they can't understand the how and the why of it. Never mind. They'll think of something.
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