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Tony Grist

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St George, Ivychurch [Nov. 9th, 2018|09:53 am]
Tony Grist
Another Romney Marsh church.

This is St George, Ivychurch. And again the Victorians very largely kept their mitts off it. They did enough to stop it falling down and that was that. Once again most of the window glass is clear- and the building is full of unmodified natural light.

And, look! No pews! I despise pews.

The north aisle contains a collection of old-time farm equipment.

The royal arms on are- let me see- those of George III.

And here's a shot of the exterior. St George's is big and grand. The dedicated website says this has less to do with the wealth of its village- that has always been small- than with the prestige of the archbishops of Canterbury who were its builders and patrons.


[User Picture]From: poliphilo
2018-11-10 08:03 am (UTC)
It does.

If you want to find a church round here that hasn't been mucked about you go looking in areas that were remote and impoverished in the 19th century- most notably Romney Marsh and the Sussex Downs.
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