Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

In Awe

Bo works extraordinarily fast.

Since Monday he and a single helper have.

1. Replaced two field gates- which involved digging two holes for gateposts- one of them through concrete.

2. Refoofed the tool shed (which is where the rabbits used to live).

3. Cleaned and oiled the weatherboarding on the shed and stables, replacing broken boards as necessary.

4. Cleaned and oiled the garden furniture- two wooden benches and two wooden chairs.

5. Filled a gap in a fence with a new section of post and rail. This also will have involved the digging of post holes.

Most workmen would have taken at least a day to do each one of those jobs- and I wouldn't have argued about it.

So that's a week's work done and dusted in two days. I'm in awe.
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