Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


We offer books from Matthew's mother's library to almost everybody who crosses the threshold- and it's remarkable how many say "yes". In fact I think only two have said "no" and one of them is Peter- who we know to have a well-established- and exclusive- spirituality of his own. It's said we're a secular society- and if that means most of us no longer go to church (or mosque or synagogue or temple) that's clearly the case but if it means we're not interested in spiritual things my random sampling of the British public suggests otherwise. At the very least people are curious- younger people especially so. I've off-loaded alternative spirituality books on carers, on a guy who came to clean the cooker and- most recently- on Bo's ditch-digger.

"You interested in psychic books?" I asked.

"Depends on the quality of the information," he replied.

Excellent answer.

I've been sampling the wares myself. I just finished Far Journeys by Robert Monroe- and liked it so much I'm paying real money for its sequel. Monroe was- and I guess still is because what difference does dying make?- a virtuoso of the art/skill/leisure activity/scientific methodology that used to be called astral travel and is now called out-of-body experience. He reminds me of John Anthony West, the heretical Egyptologist. Its a distinct American type- tough, humorous, ornery- Mark Twain crossed with Indiana Jones. John Huston the film director was another. Intellectually formidable outlaws; I'm not sure the culture produces them any more.
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