Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


 I jotted down that dream about the grandkids digging up the patio and burying kitchenware because it was vivid- and seemed like it might mean something.


I was talking to my daughter this afternoon and while we were on the phone Ivy and Clover were out in the garden making mud pies- and then Clover- to her mother's alarm- started running around with a kitchen knife.

Was the dream a sort of cockamamie foreshadowing of things that hadn't happened yet- of the kind J.H. Dunne writes about in An Experiment with Time? Most of Dunne's instances were equally inconsequential. 

I rather think so. And to make the whole thing all the more timey-wimey it so happens the conversation my daughter and I were having was all to do with prediction and prophecy.
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