Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Wind And Thistle For Pipe And Dancers

The Bexhill Museum is wonderfully miscellaneous; it has everything from dinosaur footprints to Eddie Izzard's train set. The train set is a recent acquisition. The Izzard family- father, two young sons- worked on the beautifully detailed lay-out after the mother's death: call it bereavement therapy, call it a labour of love.

I'd forgotten the Lowry. It's a late Lowry (c. 1960)- painted on holiday (presumably) and the subject is a Sussex windmill. Not his usual kind of thing, but thoroughly Lowrified- almost colourless, altogether comfortless- the sky white, the mill a ruined hulk with a broken sweep projecting at an angle- like a Dalek's plunger.  I wonder if Lowry knew Belloc's poem about "Ha'naker Mill"....

Di Paulo's ice cream parlour is closing- after 37 years under the same management. Where will we go to eat on future visits? Their home made Italian gelati are the best- but only until the end of this present month. 
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