Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Getting Ready For Christmas

The first delivery of the morning contains a small fruit cake and three small Christmas puddings- all with NO ADDED SUGAR- because sugar is evil. 

Ailz starts buying Christmas presents on Boxing Day (I may exaggerate slightly) so that side of things is seen to, though we may still need to buy one or two things for the granddaughters. We have plenty of Christmas cards left over from last year (and the year before.) 

Meat has been ordered- or is in the freezer- I forget which. Ailz asked me if I wanted to eat nut-roast (reconstituted from gritty dust) and I said that while I don't actually hate nut roast I would prefer to have something nice- like cheese and onion pie.

We were wandering round a garden centre the other day and it knocked us a little giddy to see what people are prepared to pay for an artificial Christmas tree. Something comparable to the very old one we trot out year after year will set you back £200- and that's an entry level price.
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