Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Books, Books, Books

Matthew's mother was in the habit of writing pencilled notes on the title pages of her books- summing up their value to her and indicating whether she thought they were worth re-reading. I've been sorting through them- I haven't finished yet- and setting a few aside to read myself- but not the one that's marked up as "boring book". Most of the ones I've looked at so far are also marked "purple r-v" I don't know what that means- and she's not around to ask.

One I set aside- and read yesterday- is The Alexandria Project by Stephan A Schwartz- an account of an archaeological expedition to Alexandria and its environs- which used psychics to predict what was under the ground- or water because the harbour at Alexandria is full of palaces. They had a remarkable hit rate- and may have located the tomb of Alexander the Great- only it's buried deep under an historic mosque and they couldn't really call the bulldozers in to look for it. This was in the late 70s. Later expeditions have confirmed many of the findings, but without acknowledgement because- psychics- gerrawayfrome....

The books I don't want I'm giving away to anyone who's interested. A couple of my mother's carers have already had a lucky dip.
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