Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Good At A Distance

 My fancy dress costume arrived in the post. It's supposed to represent chain mail- and takes the form of a  long smock with a printed design. The material is so flimsy I was afraid of tearing it when I tried it on. It actually looks quite good- but you wouldn't want to wear it into battle. Ailz said she'd use it as a nightdress when I'm done with it and I said she's be lucky if it held together that long.

It reminded me (synchronicity) of the documentary I'd watched the day before about Stanley Kubrick's unfilmed projects- and how he proposed to cut costs on his Life of Napoleon by kitting out military extras in paper uniforms. He did screen tests and at a certain distance it was impossible to tell the difference. 

Incidentally, in a newspaper article I read around the same time (more synchronicity) I learned there are plans to rejig Kubrick's Napoleon screen-play as  a TV series. The  guy who has just been named as the new Bond director- Cary Fukunaga- is slated to be in charge. I wonder if they'll go with the paper uniforms. Probably not when CGI is even cheaper....

Kubrick wanted Jack Nicholson is the title role- which could have proved a career high.  Who will Fukanaga be casting? Who are the hot but not too expensive young actors with the right physique? No-one with a gym-toned body need apply. 
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