Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Plastic Waste

One of the things I hate to throw away is bubblewrap. I store it in the garage.

And it will come in useful. I know it will. Sooner or later I'll have a lot of breakables to take to the charity shop or to wrap for Christmas and- as has happened in the past- I'll work through my whole stock and have to start collecting again.

I am very conscious of the amount of plastic that passes through the house- most of it as wrapping or packaging- and I try to deal with it responsibly- but there's just so much.  Some of it we can re-use or recycle but I'm afraid a lot of it still goes in the bin. Black plastic, for instance. Apparently that can't be recycled at present- and if you put it in the recycling box it just creates a headache for the recyclers.

I see that some company has started mining old rubbish tips to extract the plastic- which it then converts into eco-friendly fuel. It's a  start- one of many- to be set alongside the tax on plastic shopping bags and the elimination of those amusing bits of plastic grit from shampoos and scrubs. . We're not helpless. There are things we can do if we're only prepared to think. 
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