Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

The Pathos Of Things

"If it weren't for me," says Ailz, "You'd be a hoarder."

Which is probably true. I hate to throw things away. Everything I own- down to the last stub of a pencil- will either "come in useful one of these days" or has sentimental associations. Or both. That saucepan for instance: it may have lost most of its non-stick coating- but it's still notionally usable- and- what is even more to the point- it's an old friend that has served me well. Think of all the nice meals I've prepared in it. Things have feelings, don't they?

On the other hand I'd be very happy to give it you if I think you can provide it with a good home. I'm not possessive. I just want the best for it.
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