Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

The Dead Saints Chronicles: David Solomon

David Solomon was a Bible Christian- albeit an exceptionally broadminded one- who wrote The Dead Saints Chronicles to persuade other Bible Christians that there is nothing unbiblical about the Near Death Experience. If other Bible Christians actually read it- which is a big if- it could turn out to be an important and influential book. For people who are not Bible Christians but are interested in the subject I'd recommend a look the website of The Near-Death Experience Research Foundation which is where Solomon found most of the cases he discusses- and where they can be enjoyed neat- without the admixture of theology. It's one of my gripes about Solomon that he leaves you with the impression that near-death experiencers mostly run into Jesus as they make their exit from planet Earth- and this is not actually the case.

Solomon had researched NDEs for many years but only started turning the mateerial into a book after being diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. He lived just long enough to see it published. He was an interesting man- a Bonsai master and Egyptologist among other things- and I'm happy to have made his acquaintance. 
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