Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

The Daily Round, The Common Task

1. I was sitting out at the front the other day, watching four or five tits at the feeder when a small bird of prey- a falcon or kestrel- made a clumsy lunge at them. It missed its aim, the tits scattered and it was left sliding and slipping on top of a structure with branching arms too slender for its talons to grasp. Kingdom of daylight's dauphin? Not on this occasion.

I can hear buzzards calling as I write. Birds of prey were pretty much absent from the Home Counties when I was growing up- and even though they're now an everyday sight I still get excited when I see one- or two or three because if they're buzzards or kites they work in groups.

2. My deckchair has gone. the canvas ripped across the seat while I was sitting in it (my fault for leaving it out all winter). I gave the metal frame to Matthew for recycling; it'll make him a few pennies.

3. Ailz and I were talking in the kitchen and my mother piped up from the next room to ask if we'd said we were having wedding cake for lunch. Erm, no. We had been discussing lunch but I don't know what we'd said that sounded like wedding cake.

4. The trickster who messes about with small household objects just performed a vanishing and reappearing act on the sugar bowl. We were making drinks for the carers and the sugar bowl wasn't on the counter where it always lives. We searched diligently, gave up, looked away and then there it was- on the counter where it always lives, unobscured and right under our noses.
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