Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

False Dawn

There's a wasp's nest in the roof just above one of the bathroom windows. I went to the bathroom in the early dawn and switched the light on- and the wasps came pouring in. I suppose they thought they were seeing the sunrise. I switched the light off again sharpish and by the time I got up for breakfast they'd all gone- apart from one which hadn't been able to find the way out and had expired on the bathroom floor.

When we first moved to the farm we were horrid to our wasps and called the exterminator in on them a couple of times. I'll not easily forget the sight of them flying round with their bodies coated in the white stuff he'd puffed at them. Since then our policy has been live and let live. In the normal course of events they don't come in the house. They have their ecological niche; they eat rotten stuff- and they're pollinators. If we could rid ourselves of our fear and prejudice we'd acknowledge that they're beautiful in their stripy coats.
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