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Tony Grist

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Propurty [Jun. 22nd, 2018|09:35 am]
Tony Grist
Julia showed up yesterday with two helpers and they slogged away at the garden for four hours. She says a lot of her customers have been shouting at her for neglecting them. I don't think we shouted exactly- but we were a little stern. A garden needs continuous attention- not the occasional blitz.

It's my mother's garden but she barely knows it's there. I enjoy it but I'd enjoy a field just as much. Or a wood. I like weeds; I like mystery plants. Talking of which, Julia identified the grassy stuff that's growing in one of our miscellaneous tubs as wheat- seeded by the birds who have been kicking about in a nearby feeder.

The people in the big house have it sussed. They spend very little time in residence- and so they've converted the old stables/garages into living accommodation for an elderly couple who serve as full-time caretaker and gardener. Feudalism isn't dead, but alive and flourishing in (semi)-rural Kent. What a thing it is to have money!

But then again, how odd to pour so much of it into property you barely use.

Oh, I know; the very rich have problems of their own- not all of them connected to wealth- though many of them are. Money is fun but the things you have to do to earn it very often aren't. You couldn't pay me to be a corporate lawyer.