Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Thinking Out Loud About Trump

He's not a politician. He doesn't have those skills- or those limitations.

He's a businessman. But not a "respectable" businessman. He has no ethics.

He has no ideology either. Just ideas, none of them fixed or deep-rooted. He used to be a social liberal and a Democrat. If he's now a Republican it's because he saw an opportunity and grabbed it. It's all about the deal, all about "winning", all about brand recognition. Some of his ideas may be fascistic but he's not a fascist; he doesn't have the attention span.

He likes to be liked. He likes to be scratched where he itches. He can't handle rejection- which is why he flipped so quickly on the issue of splitting up immigrant families.

He has a huge chip on his shoulder. He resents McCain and the Clintons and all those other blue-bloods because they belong to a club that won't admit him.

(It's club that won't admit us either.)

He is gross and crude and cunning and stupid- and a bit of a pushover.

He has no hinterland, no culture, no class, no allies, no friends. He makes a lot of noise to fill up the emptiness. No wonder he hit it off with Kim Jong-un; these must be two of the loneliest people on the planet.

He's a bull in a china shop. But what they had on the shelves was woefully out of date and nobody was buying. Once he's gone they'll have to restock.
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