Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Life And Life Only

He was my best friend at school.  We weren't soulmates or anything like that but we propped one another up. Neither of us was a misfit exactly but neither were we mainstream. We didn't stay in touch. He went into the Navy and I went into the Church. 

I caught a glimpse of him yesterday through his Facebook page. He lives in West Sussex- in a village I've visited not knowing he was there- has grown-up daughters and a second wife. He stuck with his chosen career- as I didn't-  and advanced halfway up the chain of command. He was in the Falklands War, served on the Royal Yacht Britannia and is now the director of a naval charity. It sounds like an interesting life.

I remember the last conversation we ever had. He was at Dartmouth Naval College and partying with Admirals' daughters and I was about to go  to university- and we were sitting in my parents living room looking ahead to the long, long stretch of our future careers- and now those careers are over and we're closing in on seventy - and it all seems to have happened so fast.
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