Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


How high is the tree. Fifty foot? Seventy foot? I'm no good at judging heights.

Anyway there's a man at the top of it. Apparently very much at ease, shouting down information to his mates on the ground below. He says the trunk is split into three pieces not two and he has a plan for taking it apart which involves attaching ropes to a nearby chimney. I couldn't do his job.

Lying in bed last night, thinking about the man in the tree, I found myself wondering about parachute jumps. They're not something I've ever had on my bucket list- but then I don't have a bucket list. Could I make one (a jump, I mean, not a bucket list)? I suppose I could with someone shouting in my ear and pushing me from behind- but I'd rather not put myself in that position...

Something I do rather like doing is crawling to the edge of cliffs and looking over. But the crawling is of the essence. Don't ask me to walk to the edge and teeter there. I once climbed to the top of the central tower of Durham Cathedral- by an internal staircase, of course- and there were parapets, but the only way I could approach them was at a crouch. Even sitting at the centre of the platform I felt vertiginous. There was just too much sky.

I've no idea how rock climbers do what they do. Four foot off the ground and I freeze...
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