Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


Matthew sends a note to say he and the gang won't be with us today because they're dealing with next door's lightning-struck conifer. And so they are; I can hear the chainsaws. I may walk over later and see how they're doing.

The utility room is never going to look like anything but a utility room but now it's clean, cheerful - and welcoming. Bo has boxed in the wires and pipes, taken down a grotty wall cupboard, put up shelves and given everything a fresh coat of paint. Today he's working for someone else- but when he comes back he'll be tackling the kitchen.

Ailz gave up smoking a quarter century ago after reading Alan Carr's how to do it book. Now she's reading his book on sugar. What he does, I gather, is what the advertisers do- only in reverse. They tell you you really, really want a cigarette or a cream cake and he tells you that actually you don't. Either way it's mind work.
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