Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Assorted Trivia

1. My sister regularly brings clippings from her garden for me to dispose of because we have space for bonfires and compost heaps and she doesn't. After we'd unloaded the bags this afternoon we realised- from the state of her boot- that she'd also brought us a consignment of ants to add to our already outstanding collection.

2. I watched the Derby because my mother does. The commentators were going on and on about a superhorse that was so certain to win it was hardly worth betting on anything else- and it came in fourth.

3. Some of the young carers who come to sort my mother out refer to their boyfriends as "my other half". This strikes me as frightfully old fashioned but perhaps it's a case of the quaint becoming retro and therefore cool.
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