Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

The End Of A Visit

Most days this past week I've had a four year-old to assist me in feeding the birds but this morning I didn't- which makes me sad. We kept the paddling pool full all week but the weather has been such that after the first indulgence we never used it again. I've taken the cover off and removed the plug and once it's empty I'll deflate it.

The toy box is in the living room and needs to be dragged back to the place it usually occupies under the stairs.

We have acquired two water pistols, some weighted sticks with penguin heads that you drop to the bottom of a swimming pool for a child to retrieve- which have no function in a paddling pool except to amuse- and a litter of sea shells and small pebbles from Winchelsea Beach.
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