Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Bedgebury Pinetum

Ailz and I went to Bedgebury Pinetum for the first time last year and we did adult things and I took a sedate walk through the woods and we never realised- because we never went in the dedicated areas- that there is so much there for kids. Yesterday's visit was kid centred- and we followed the trail of the Highway Rat and stopped every few yards to climb on the brilliant climbing frames and admire the daredevils who were travelling through the trees- thirty feet up- on rope bridges and zip wires. We saw a real live lizard and the cost for a family of four- kid, parents, granddad- excluding the price of the ice-cream which was extra- was £15- paid upfront when we parked the car- which is very, very much less than the entry charge for most commercial theme parks.
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