Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Saved By Her Imperfections

This lovely, sinuous thing is a great rarity- a medieval English statue that didn't get smashed by the iconoclasts. I suppose it was permitted to survive because it very obviously doesn't represent a deity or a saint. What it does represent is The Old Covenant- and it has a partner on the other side of the doorway- representing the New Covenant- which is stiff and bland and almost certainly a Victorian replacement for a medieval statue that was smashed because it did look like a saint.

The Old Covenant has her eyes bandaged because she's blind to the light of Christ; her staff is broken and she's holding the tablets of the Ten Commandments upside down. How ironic that her state of theological delinquency was the thing that saved her.

We're in Rochester and the door opens onto the cathedral library. The experts say its one of the finest things of its kind in the country.
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