Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Graveyards Of The Banks: Nyla Nox

Nyla Nox is a pseudonym. I don't think the author is hiding exactly- she gives public readings and interviews- but it's probably wise to keep a low profile when you've written a three volume attack on the investment banks. These guys have willingly embraced the dark side; you don't want to draw yourself to their attention and have them zeroing in on you, not nohow.

The genre is fictionalised memoir- and- while names have been changed to protect the guilty- and rough edges smoothed in the interests of narrative flow- there's no reason to doubt that working for "the most successful bank in the universe" (now who could that be?) is as miserable an experience as Nyla says it is. Think of any line of work that involves the systematic and deliberate brutalisation of the work force- breaking rocks in Siberia, picking oakum in a 19th century jail- and investment banking is very much the same sort of thing- only with better pay. Unsurprisingly the process is inefficient and wasteful and the end product hardly worth the huge prices that bamboozled clients are paying for it. You think you'll get good work out of people who you've reduced to a stew of fear and hatred? Think again.

I've made the books sound grim- and so they are- but not as a reading experience. Nox is sharp and terse and funny. I've just finished the first book- I Did It For The Money- and I can't wait to find out what happens next.
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