Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Notes On The Royal Wedding 3

I had said I wouldn't watch it but I did.

It was the prettiest Royal Wedding ever. The weather had a lot to do with that.

Royal taste has improved since Lady Di went to her wedding dressed as a cream puff. Do you regret the 80s? I don't.

Ailz tells me Meghan is the first ever Duchess of Sussex. There have been Dukes before but they were bachelors. And short-lived.

It will take some processing- this interlacing of the royal and celebrity cultures. What does it mean that Oprah Winfrey was invited and Donald Trump wasn't? Elton was in the congregation but not asked to tickle the ivories. The queen took a back seat; Charles didn't. Has Meghan- and what she stands for- been absorbed into the Firm or is she the thin end of a wedge?

I have this suspicion that when the old Queen dies the Monarchy will break apart in a cloud of diamond dust.

My sister rang. This conversation ensued.

My Sis: Did you watch the Royal Wedding?

My Mother: Oh yes,

M.S.: Did you enjoy it?

M.M.: Not particularly.

M.S.: Not particularly!?

M.M.: Well it wasn't very exciting...
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