Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Notes On A Royal Wedding 2

Anagram alert: The Duchess of Cambridge arrives in a car with the registration: KLL 1

The Queen is in lime green. The Duke- only days out of the operating theatre- has the use of his legs.

Here comes the frock. Very chaste. The veil is supported by two little boys called Moloney or Maloney. One of them has a front tooth missing.

The most gorgeously dressed person in the procession is the Dean of Windsor. No-one mentions this. But that's one hell of a cope.

The look that Harry gives Meghan as she comes into view is the look of a man in love. No mistaking it. Yes, at the heart of all this carry-on is something real.

Oh and then there's Bishop Mike. He has his notes on an i-pad. And he preaches about Love. This is real too. He cites Solomon and Dr King and Teilhard de Chardin (Prince Charles will know who Chardin was), calls Jesus a revolutionary and talks about World Peace (but means it). The Queen shuffles and looks cross or is that just what I would expect her to do and I'm projecting? An opportunity has been taken to speak truth to the rich and powerful. I like Bishop Mike.

I've never been round Windsor Castle. What a lovely building St George's Chapel is.

The Gospel choir sings "Stand By Me". That goes nicely with Bishop Mike's sermon.

Ailz says its the clasping of hands- not the vows or the rings- that clinches a marriage. If that's all you did you'd still have a legal contract- or so her vicar told her.

Charles is being very kind to Meghan's mother- making sure she feels included.

And now I've got chips to cook.

When I dodge back into the TV room its all carriages and uniforms and brilliant sunshine....

Turned out nice again.
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