Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Why Not?

Why not live one's dreams- I thought- especially when they come cheap?- so instead of just moaning about people not wearing tricorne hats any longer- I went on eBay and bought myself one.

The first time she saw me wearing it my mother was scornfully incredulous (it's something she's always been rather good at) "Is that a naval hat?" she asked. "Well, yes," I said, I suppose it is. Sort of..."

I wore it much of yesterday. It keeps the sun off. And yesterday was very sunny. I don't suppose I'll wear it to go out in because my tolerance for being pointed at is low- but there's nothing intrinsically impracticable about it.

Whenever I caught sight of my shadow in the sun I wondered whether someone might spot me from a distance and think I was a ghost.

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