Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


The leaked letter from Rudd to May is a filthy thing. It speaks the dead-alive language of managerialism, devoid of colour, feeling- and any acknowledgement that its subject is "How to fuck people over more efficiently". If this is how we're governed- by people who refuse to look at the human cost of their policies- then it's simply not good enough.

Also not good enough is the recourse to legalese in defence of the indefensible. The chairman of the Conservative Party went on the Andrew Marr show yesterday to argue that the "ambitions" Rudd had voiced were entirely different from the "targets" she said she'd never had. Rudd has resigned now and maybe the chairman should also consider his position. Only he won't, will he?

And then there's May. The policy that Rudd pursued was May's creation. It was she who first used the filthy phrase "hostile environment". It's part of May's public persona that she's the child of a clergyman and herself a believing, church-going Christian, but- as Ali Smith asks in the book I've just finished- what Christian minister would bring up his child to believe that "hostile environment" and "refugees" were words that belong in the same discourse? May should resign too. And perhaps she will. Perhaps the coming local elections will prove the tipping point.
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