Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Eastbourne Redoubt

If Napoleon had ever landed an invasion force on the Pevensey Levels he'd have found himself being irritated by the guns and garrison of the Eastbourne Redoubt- a fortress built on the western flank of Pevensey Bay in 1805. The Redoubt is circular and partially buried- with its main rooms and parade ground below ground level and only its gun platform exposed. It remained in the hands of the military- and was put to various uses by them- until after the Second World War.

The building now houses a military museum- and entrance to the parade ground and gun platform is free. The original guns have long since been dispersed and scrapped and the ones that now fill the embrasures are a job lot- scrounged from various sources and most of them very much smaller.
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