Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

What's In A Name?

 Every so often the agency sends a carer we haven't met before. Yesterday they sent Sisko. I asked him if he was named for Commander Sisko of Deep Space Nine and he said a lot of people assume that but, no, he was named for some 80s R and B singer. Later I tried to educate  myself about the singer but Google didn't seem to have heard of him. It had heard of Cisco Houston the old time folkie and Sisqo who would have been a kiddie in the 80s and various other folks but no-one who fitted the bill.

Sisko said he'd never watched Deep Space Nine- and why should he? It's before his time. From the way he dismissed the guy I suspect he hasn't listened to Sisko the R and B legend either. We name our kids for our heroes but they're under no obligation to share our enthusiasm.

If the bran-new Prince Louis of Cambridge fails to share his family's enthusiasm for that leathery old monster Lord Louis Mountbatten it will be a good thing I think.
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