Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Strutting My Stuff

 Ailz had her eyes tested yesterday; I should have had my eyes tested too, because I think I need new glasses, but I'm not yet ready to give up the ones with the strawberry pink frames. 

Ailz's new glasses (two pairs) will be pink and blue. If you have to wear face furniture you should make a thing of it- and choose the brightest colours available. 

As I younger person I lacked confidence and did my best to merge into the scenery: sober colours, casual wear but nothing that raised its voice above a murmur.  But I'm through with that now and I'm going out with a bang. I've grown my hair- and if I'm out for the day I wear bracelets and medallions. What I want now is a coat of many colours.
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