Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Little Suns, Big Sun

 We have dandelions flowering on a patch of grass where I don't remember seeing dandelions before. In the past I've puzzled over the dearth of dandelions on our land. Were the rabbits eating them all, I wondered. Well, things are changing and the dandelions are moving in. I love dandelions. Who wouldn't love flowers that look like golden suns and come up all by themselves- one of nature's amazing free gifts....

The weather has taken a turn. The monitor at the back of the house- which is in shade- reads the temperature as 16.6 and the one at the front of the house- which is in direct sunlight- says it's 24.0 and climbing. I've ditched the fleecy shirt and swapped my slippers for sandals. By and by I'll be hanging washing out on the line. The forecasters say that tomorrow will be really, really hot- hotter than North Africa.
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