Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Perish The Thought

 The readiness of journalists to accept the government line on things like the Skripal case and the alleged gas attack in Douma puzzles me. There's a strong smell of fish about both incidents- and locating the stinking cod's head would be the scoop of the century- but there are few signs that those whose job it is to dig are doing anything of the sort. Why? Do they fear for their jobs? Or their lives? Are they too deeply embedded in the establishment? Are they too trusting, too lazy, or just blithely incurious? Incurious journalists- now there's a thing.

We accept that foreign governments lie, we accept that the President of the United States lies all the time (the ex-director of the FBI says so), we even accept that past British governments have lied (notably over Iraq) but to suggest that the people who rule us today might tell the odd porky about matters of national and international importance- perish the thought.

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