Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

So What Really Happened?

 Two incidents- unrelated except insofar as they involved the use of poison- are bigged up- mainly by British politicians and the British media- to induce the general public to hate Russia and Russia's client, the Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad.

The first incident happens behind screens (so to speak.) Much of the information that is released turns out to be untrue. The official story keeps changing. Nobody dies.

The second incident happens in an enclave inaccessible to independent witnesses. 

The US President goes off the deep end- as is his wont, 

A response is hurried through. The British cabinet acts unilaterally, refusing to involve Parliament- which is quite possibly unconstitutional.

The response takes the form of missile attacks on what the attackers claim to have been chemical factories in Syria. Advance warning seems to have been given and a number of empty buildings are reduced to powder. 

We can only guess at what was going on behind the scenes. One can't help noticing that the drama followed on from visits by the Saudi crown prince (who has skin in the game) to Washington, London and Paris.  The two triggering incidents remain highly mysterious. Neither would appear to have served the interests of the supposed perpetrators- in fact rather the opposite. The missile attack seems like a costly face-saving gesture- designed to remind those who might have forgotten it that NATO rules, OK- but otherwise achieving nothing. The impression remains, hovering like dust in the air- of a complicated and highly dangerous plan that was bungled and had to be aborted.
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