Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Simple And Innocent

Two more items from the collection....

I checked on eBay and elsewhere- and these vintage Models of Yesteryear are worth very little. Which is fine because I have no intention of selling. They are however doubly ancient- being 50 year old representations of vehicles that were 50 years old at the time of manufacture. So- nostalgia squared!

Not that I'm much of a one for nostalgia. Just the other day the Mail published a set of colourised images of what their copywriter called "simple, innocent times". They showed- among other things- a landscape of the Great War, slum kids. a bunch of Etonians in top hats yawping at a little old flower seller and a socialite who was famous for her blow-jobs. Simple and innocent, my foot!

I did think of calling this post Transport of Delight- in homage to Flanders and Swann- but the vehicle they sang about- the big six-wheeler, scarlet painted, London Transport, diesel engine, 97 horsepower omnibus- was of another, later era.

Hold very tight, please- ting-ting.
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