Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


And now... an hour on from my last post the thaw is galloping ahead. The outside tap has unfrozen so I've been able to cancel the trips with a bucket. I've been leaning over the gate like a seasoned countryman watching the water flow into the butt- and the sun on my back felt really good. March is here- and Spring is carrying on from where it left off when it was so rudely interrupted.

My son-in-law is flying to Thailand out of Manchester tomorrow morning and I rang my daughter in Leicester to see if the weather might be going to cause him any problems. It doesn't seem as if it will. They've had lots of snow but not the kind that sticks- not the kind you can build a snowman with- though the grandchildren tried.

I've just checked the temperature monitors. One says five degrees and the other says three.
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