Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

There's A Monolith On Phobos But The Pictures Of It Are Just So Grainy

 There are lots and lots of photos on the internet that have been claimed to show anomalous artefacts, buildings and vehicles on the planets and planetoids of the solar system- but none of them is quite good enough to clinch the argument that there's something going on out there that's being kept secret.  The pictures are all taken from too far away, they're too blurry, they're insufficiently detailed. It's as if someone were playing games with us- as they very well may be doing. Stories abound of people glimpsing much clearer images in the NASA archives or coming across NASA operatives with paint brushes doctoring pictures prior to their release. Could it be that the authorities are letting out just enough to get us talking but not enough to spark the feared or wished-for paradigm change- drip, drip dripping information so that the big reveal- when it finally comes- won't be too much of a shock?

I find it so frustrating. I've always hated to be kept in the dark.
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