Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Talking Poetry

 We're having a run of good weather. My sister and I were sitting out on the patio on the swing-seat yesterday afternoon talking about The Waste Land- as you do. 

And I was reading sections aloud- which was a pleasure. Poetry should be read aloud. Or sung. It's how it started- with bards and minstrels and troubadors entertaining the illiterate.  And now it seems to be going back to its origins. As a person who wrote for the page I used to rather look down my nose at slams and such- but I was wrong. The poem on the page is secondary. Poetry is speech before it is literature and the Nobel judges who gave their prize to Dylan were pointing the way- which is both the way back and the way forward- a return to the high road as it were.
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