Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Apropos The Oscars

Ailz tells me that when we first got together I insisted on sitting up to watch the Oscars. She has a much better memory for this sort of thing than I do so I don't dispute it, but I'm surprised to learn I ever cared that much.

The year will have been 1992- which was when Silence of the Lambs won most of the big prizes. Maybe I stayed up to root for Anthony Hopkins- who was at the point of transitioning from star of small worthy British movies to Hollywood headliner. I believe I persuaded myself I liked the movie more than I actually did. And now I like it even less because I've grown to hate the obsession with serial killers it more or less kicked off.

I haven't seen any of the films that are in the running this year. I fancy the new del Toro but I've missed everything he's done since Pan's Labyrinth and it's unlikely I'll stir myself to the extent of making an exception for this. I'd also like to see the Phantom Thread. I have a goodish record with Paul Thomas Anderson. In fact I've seen all his features apart from the first and the one with Adam Sandler. He makes good wholemeal movies with chewy inclusions.
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