Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Wishful Thinking

 From the way the birds are carrying on I think they think it's spring. There are long-tailed tits in the mix; a species I'm always happy to see..It's not spring, of course, not by a long chalk, but I'm willing to grab at any sign that it's on its way. 

This time last year we were seeing daffodils in flower on the roadside verges on the way to Romney Marsh. This year we haven't yet been to Romney Marsh but I doubt that there are daffodils to see. All the winter storms with silly names will have held them back. Our own daffodils are just beginning to push their snubby little green noses through the soil.  I've just looked through the window to see if there are any snowdrops on the bank where snowdrops grow and there are- one at least. Hooray!

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