Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Persons Of The Year

 Time magazine's persons Of The Year for 2017 are "The Silence Breakers"- the women who have been speaking up about sexual harassment. They beat Trump into second place- which is as it should be- and after all he won last year.  His smashing of conventions and disregard for diplomacy- I think of an Great War tank busting through barbed wire entanglements and bumping in and out of shell holes- is changing the way politics is done but nothing this year has caused such a paradigm shift as the Me Too movement.

Sexual bullying won't immediately become a thing of the past but those who indulge in it have gone from being good old boys to criminals- with all excuses stripped away and no hiding place secure- and the balance of power between the sexes has changed- probably for good- or at least for as long as this present civilisation continues. 
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