Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Making Do

 We renewed all the fencing round the house earlier this year but because the workmen drifted off to other jobs and we didn't badger them we never got round to renewing the gates. A couple of them were already crocked and yesterday a third- which was in a dodgy condition- fell over- taking its gatepost with it. Julia, on whose watch this happened- mended it with string- which leaves it secure- no horse can get through it- but impossible to open.  With every gate that goes down entrance to and from the fields becomes more and more problematic. 

If we weren't hoping to move house in a few months time I'd be taking expensive remedial action but as it is I think we'll just put up with things as they are.  I'll climb through the fence into the top field and use the far gate into the lower field. The exercise will be good for me.

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