Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

London Prices

I believe my grandparents may once have lived in Highgate. If not they lived nearby. My father certainly attended Highgate School; we have the sports trophies to prove it.

My grandparents were fairly well-to-do but they couldn't afford to live there now.

Our family party was held in a house belonging to the Methodist church which was probably purchased new because no church would be able to justify buying it today- even if it had the money. An identical house across the road is on the market for £2.3 million. And what do you get for that- a mansion? No, just a decent but unexceptional mock-Tudor detached house- on a narrow plot- with a small garden at the back- the sort of house that went up in its hundreds of thousands in the years between the wars, a starter home for a city clerk. There's no garage so you have to park your Merc on the street.

London prices are mad.

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