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Tony Grist

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Everyday Synchronicity [Sep. 12th, 2017|12:03 pm]
Tony Grist
The more you take note of synchronicitous happenings the more you take note of them- or so I'm told- and that's why I'm recording this...

The other day I caught a trailer for a TV show I never watch. I saw it twice- and each time one of the actors really stood out. I couldn't tell you who any of the others were or what they were doing but this guy had me hooked. It was as if he had a big golden arrow over his head pointing down. His face was sort of familiar but I couldn't name him. I just felt he was significant, striking- and I wanted to know more.

Today he's all over the media in connection with a family tragedy.

[User Picture]From: faunhaert
2017-09-12 08:39 pm (UTC)
oh damn

somedays, no amount of fame helps.
hope they weather it ok.
being an actor it will add depth to his craft
but still it would be nice if the reverse of tragedy
was something he was working on.
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[User Picture]From: poliphilo
2017-09-13 08:21 am (UTC)
I was struck by the grace and dignity with which he handled the media.
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