Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

George Dubya Who?

Ailz tells me that Trump supporters are saying their man is doing a better job vis a vis the Texas floods than Obama did with the floods in New Orleans.

And, yes, Trump does seem to be doing a good job (for a change). What is required in the wake of natural disaster is visible leadership, big gestures- all that kind of thing- and Trump, as a TV reality star- is good at taking up a lot of space.

But the thing his supporters have forgotten is that Katrina didn't happen on Obama's watch but George W Bush's. It was Bush who gave such a very good impression of a man floundering out of his depth- while the woman they identify as Michele Obama who was pictured out shopping three days after Katrina hit is actually Condi Rice.

It's odd. But they're not the only ones who seem to have forgotten George. The drama swirling around the Obama and Trump presidencies has cast a shadow backwards and eclipsed him. His name is rarely mentioned by either one-time supporters or one-time enemies. It's almost as if his two terms never happened- which is odd when you think how eventful his era was and how the wars he gifted the world with are still going on. At the time most of us had little doubt that he was the worst president of modern times, but that was then...

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